Basic services

(Included in the rental price)


At the concierge lodge “James” is at your disposal for many services. In addition to classic concierge services such as receiving flower deliveries, online shopping deliveries, mail and parcels, “James” will also carry out organizational orders for you according to individual wishes and arrangements – the trusted person in the house. “James” is at your disposal during the presence time at the lodge.

Telephone service

You can also state your wishes by telephone outside of “James” ‘s presence time. A hotline is available for this.

Online service

Via homepage you have the possibility to order à la carte services online around the clock.

Service-App "e-James"

A concierge is not always available on site. With the innovative service app “e-James”, however, there is the possibility of a purely technical solution in order to still be able to benefit from the many advantages of “James” even without a physical concierge on site. The “e-James” service app differs from a conventional tenant app due to the connection to the “James” services and access to the interactive parcel box.

Parcel box

Parcel delivery and return shipments are also handled easily and conveniently for you by the Postbox. Instead of a concierge, the Postbox receives parcels when no one is there. It keeps shipments safe, informs recipients of the delivery and hands over the shipment after PIN entry.

Additional Services

(Paid Services)

Laundry service

Your laundry will be washed according to your individual needs, dry-cleaned, ironed and then folded or delivered to your home on a hanger. If you wish, the laundry can also be picked up at your home. For this, you leave your apartment key at the lodge.

Window cleaning

Cleaning windows outside, inside, above, below, small, large – or simply all. Of course, if required, the sun blinds can also be cleaned at the same time. There are (almost) no limits to your individual wishes.


Help and support with moving in, hanging pictures, replacing broken light bulbs or taking the dog for a walk – you’ll never be left out in the rain.

Apartment cleaning

Whether regular apartment cleaning or one-time thorough cleaning – “James” will help you with the organization. You can schedule cleaning appointments by phone, email or through our service order form

Holiday service

Book on a weekly basis so that, for example, the mailbox is regularly emptied, the mail brought into the apartment, the plants watered, the apartment ventilated or services for your security such as blinds and light operation carried out

Safety service

A wristband with an alarm button as a safe companion: at the touch of a button, you are automatically connected to the emergency call center simply and easily in all situations in life and emergencies – and receive the help you need in the shortest possible time.

Service offer and service packages

The services described above are offered at all locations throughout Switzerland. The additional services can be extended on a site-specific basis.

At some sites, there are defined service levels or service packages. By these, the basic services are extended accordingly.